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Stand firm

Devotional cards in tin

€ 17,49
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EAN : 1220000133105
Auteur(s) : Devotional cards in tin
Categorie : Cadeauartikelen
Verschenen : Februari 2020
Conditie : Nieuw
Gewicht : 340 gram

The Stand Firm Devotional Cards in a Tin offers 150 short yet powerful devotions that will encourage men to spend time with God, reading and applying His Word to their lives. Each card offers a meaningful devotion, life-giving Scripture and a powerful prayer.

The concise yet compelling devotions in the Stand Firm Set of Devotional offer men the perfect supply of daily biblical encouragement to stand strong in their faith.

The cards are packaged in a sturdy tin box that can withstand much handling. The tin box is printed in full color. Find wisdom and strength when you dig into the truths contained in this stack of devotional cards.

Invest in the spiritual lives of husbands, grandfathers, sons, teachers, and pastors when you encourage them with the Stand Firm Devotional Cards in a Tin.

- 75 Double-sided Cards
- Two-color Cards
- 150 Devotions
- Full-Color Decorative Embossed Gift Tin
- Attached Lid
- Card Size: 94 x 117 mm
- Tin Size: 103 x 132 x 61 mm

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