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Taste and See- Psalm 34:8

Stainless steel bottle 710ml

€ 24,99
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EAN : 1220000133891
Auteur(s) : Stainless steel bottle 710ml
Categorie : Cadeauartikelen
Verschenen : April 2021
Conditie : Nieuw
Gewicht : 480 gram

'The Taste and See Stainless Steel Water Bottle combines the promise of the sweet taste of a citrus-flavored drink with the tested truth of God's goodness as a mnemonic to recall his character. It offers a challenge to step out in faith and lean on the strength of God—you will not be disappointed.

The stainless steel water bottle features a bright and energetic pattern and color scheme. The bottle's entire body is decaled with a white background filled with doodles of sliced and whole citruses, fruits, and berries in vibrant hues of magenta, yellow, and chartreuse. The sentiment, taken from the Psalms, is laser engraved in the center of a rather large grapefruit-looking oval that makes the silver lettering stand out against the busy, fun pattern.

Taste and see that the LORD is good.

Psalm 34:8

The bottle's plastic twist-off cap has a durable built-in handle and a hot pink silicone band that runs across the middle. The sentiment is heat debossed into the silicone band and appears three times.

Taste & See

The bottle is both chic and high-quality: its double-walled interior is made from stainless steel and, along with the silicone ring in the cap that vacuum-seals the water bottle provides 24 hours of temperature insulation for hot and cold beverages alike. The water bottle holds 24 fluid ounces. Stainless steel is non-toxic and reusable and a great alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

The Taste & See Stainless Steel Water Bottle would be an excellent gift for any woman or girl of faith with a bubbly and exciting personality to match the bottle's flashy design, and it would serve excellently as a gift on a birthday or Mother's Day, or simply to share something helpful and meaningful with a loved one! The Taste & See Stainless Steel Water Bottle will add some fun and joy to anyone's on-the-go drink.

White citrus-patterned design
Matte finish
Stainless steel water bottle
Vacuum seal cap
Double-wall insulated
Plastic cap
Hot or cold beverages
Non-sweating, stay-cool bottle
Hand wash only
Not dishwasher, microwave, or freezer safe
Packaged in a gift box
Capacity: 24 fl. oz (710 ml)
Bottle dimensions: 11'' x 3'' x 3'' (279 x 76 x 76)
Gift box dimensions: 11.4'' x 3.2'' x 3.2'' (290 x 81 x 81mm)'
Distributor: 316europe

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