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He Restores My Soul - Psalm 23:3

Pitcher glass 1250 ml

€ 34,99
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EAN : 1220000134836
Auteur(s) : Pitcher glass 1250 ml
Categorie : Cadeauartikelen
Verschenen : Februari 2020
Conditie : Nieuw
Gewicht : 125 gram

Pour yourself a glass of cold milk or lemonade from the He Restores My Soul Glass Pitcher to sustain your body and quench your thirst and be reminded at the same time of the Fountain that restores your soul.

The bottom half of the clear glass pitcher is decorated with a blue swirly leaf decal. The sentiment appears in black

He restores my soul.

At 1242ml capacity, the glass pitcher holds enough liquid to serve five glasses of juice or milk. The easy pour spout makes pouring a breeze and cuts down on cleaning up sticky messes. The comfortable handle offers a great grip. Due to the decal, we recommend handwashing this beauty to keep it looking great.

Add an inspirational glass pitcher to your kitchen toolbox to help you serve and encourage your family. Offer a glass pitcher to your friend to encourage and inspire her. While nourishing your body, the He Restores My Soul Glass Pitcher will remind you to turn the Lord who restores your soul.

Blue Leaf Design

Glass Pitcher

Easy Pour Spout

Comfortable Grip

Packaged in a Gift Box

Not Dishwasher Safe

Handwash Recommended

Capacity: 1242ml

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