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Trust Always Magnetic Bookmark Set

Magnetic pagemarkers - Set of 6

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EAN : 1220000137196
Auteur(s) : Magnetic pagemarkers - Set of 6
Categorie : Cadeauartikelen
Verschenen : April 2021
Conditie : Nieuw
Gewicht : 35 gram

This brightly colored Trust Always Magnetic Bookmark Set will inspire you to grow in your trust of the LORD. Faith and trust are gifts granted by Christ that can only grow when you spend time in God's Word. Let the Trust Always Magnetic Bookmark Set inspire you to spend more time reading the Bible.

The Trust Always Magnetic Bookmarks are designed with vibrant primary colors and patterned with lively ferns and berries. At the same time, the text is written in a combination of cursive script and handwritten print. Three of the magnetic bookmarks feature the design on both sides, text on the front, and a Scripture reference on the back.

Keep on believing
Mark 11:24

The LORD will fulfill his promise
Luke 1:1,5

Have faith
2 Corinthians 5:7

A fourth magnetic bookmark features the design and the same text on both sides.

Trust always

The last two bookmarks in the set feature a leaf and berry design on both sides.

Each bookmark in this set of six opens in half to magnetically clip around the chosen page of a book; they securely stay in place without wrinkling or ripping any pages, making them extremely helpful for anyone who reads daily. They can also be clipped at the exact line that was last read to make finding one's place simple and fast.

While these bookmarks are a great purchase to enhance your own reading, they are also thoughtful gifts given as a set or individually at Bible studies, youth groups, book clubs, or for any other friends who love to read. Add a splash of color and Biblical inspiration into your daily reading with the Trust Always Magnetic Bookmark Set.

Set of 6 leaf and berry design magnetic bookmarks
Full-color print
Rectangular folded magnets
Packaged on backing board in cellophane self-seal bag
Magnet size: 60 x 20 x 3mm
Packaging size: 188 x 83 x 5mm

Distributor: 316europe

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